Monday, April 28

'Lifting Shadows - Words' - The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater

In the words of the Graceful Dead, 'what a long, strange trip it's been...'
In the words of the Beatles, it's surely been a 'long and widing road...'
In the words of Metallica, 'fuck it all and fuckin' no regrets'
(OK... maybe I should've stopped at The Beatles!)


THIS book is indeed the 'whole story'...
It is truly amazing that Dream Theater has acheived all we have in our first two decades - against all odds, trends and fashionable musical styles - and yet we're still growing and climbing higher and higher each album and tour!
As amazing as this story is thus far, I am sure we still have MANY, MANY more exciting chapters to still write ahead of us...
Enjoy the ride!

Mike Portnoy
(writing from a tour bus in Berkeley, CA - Saturday March 17, 2007)"

Este texto é um excerto das primeiras palavras da Biografia Autorizada dos Dream Theater, lançada no final do ano passado. E agora, após ter finalmente acabado o 'Memorial do Convento', tenho tempo para embarcar nesta viagem de cerca de 350 páginas sobre cada momento da vida destes senhores que tanto admiro...
Dá vontade de ler tudo de um só fôlego!

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